The alleged victim says Yulian Gonzalez transported her to a motel in an unmarked corrections vehicle.EXPAND
The alleged victim says Yulian Gonzalez transported her to a motel in an unmarked corrections vehicle.

Miami-Dade Probation Officer Charged With Second Series of Rapes in Two Months

Before this weekend, Yulian Gonzalez, a former Miami-Dade County corrections officer, had already been facing life in prison. He previously supervised inmates sitting on house arrest — but at the end of September, prosecutors hit him with eight criminal charges after a woman said Gonzalez had raped her repeatedly at a motel. The alleged victim said Gonzalez told her that if she refused to have sex with him, he would terminate her house arrest and send her to prison.

Frighteningly, that victim was apparently not the only one. This past Friday, Miami-Dade Police filed a slew of new charges against the 36-year-old Gonzalez after another woman stated that, after reading about his charges on social media, she wanted to share a similar story of her own. (WPLG first reported on the case earlier today.)

According to arrest documents obtained by New Times, Gonzalez now faces an additional 23 felony charges — three counts of kidnapping with a deadly weapon and 20 counts of armed sexual battery — after the woman, a 26-year-old who has been on house arrest since October 2018, told police she was repeatedly abused in virtually the same manner as Gonzalez's first alleged victim.

"The victim disclosed the defendant used coercion and fear by threatening to violate her house-arrest status and stated he would incarcerate her into the correctional facility if she did not comply with his demands for sex," the arrest form reads. "At the time of all the sexual assaults, the defendant was armed with a handgun, which he kept on his ankle and was known to the victim."

The woman additionally told police that on three occasions, Gonzalez forced her into his official work vehicle and drove to the Nexx Motel Miami on NW 27th Avenue near Liberty City, where he sexually abused her. (Gonzalez's first victim says she was raped at the same motel.) Additionally, she says he demanded she drive herself to the motel more than 20 times between March and September 2019, where he forced her to have sex with him each time.

Gonzalez, who was already locked up at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, appeared in court Saturday and was denied bond on his new charges. He had worked for the Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department for 11 years.

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