Miami Beach Named America's 10th Best Dressed City ...Behind Noted Fashion Capitals like Albany

Miami Beach would normally love to be on any best dressed list, but real estate site Movato's ranking of the town as the tenth best dressed small city in America is sort of a double-edge sword. Apparently Albany, New York and Evanston, Illinois have better fashion sense than Miami Beach.

Here's the full top ten. Only cities with a population between 75,000 and 99,999 were included:

1. Santa Monica, CA

2. Boca Raton, FL

3. Newport Beach, CA

4. Westminster, CA

5. San Mateo, CA

6. Santa Barbara, CA

7. Albany, NY

8. Evanston, IL

9. Mission Viejo, CA

10. Miami Beach, FL

So how did Miami Beach not end up higher? Well, the site looked at a few measures including the per capita number of high-end fashion stores, high-end shoe stores,

high-end jewelry stores, tailors and dry cleaners.

As it turns out, Miami had the 3rd highest rate of fashion stores, second highest rate of shoes stores and 7th highest rate of jewelry store.

The problem is Miami Beach had only the 67th highest rate of tailors and 17th highest rate of dry cleaners.

So that might explain why we've seen some funky fitting dresses and blazers at the club. People, get your clothes tailored ...even if you have to *gasp* cross a bridge to do it. And we hope that having your clothes cleaned goes without saying.

Of course, most of those high-end stores make a lot of their money selling to tourists who we'd presume get their clothes tailored and laundered elsewhere.

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Kyle Munzenrieder