Metromover Supervisor Arrested for Raping Ultra Attendee in a Closet

Carl Lee Wilt, a 41-year-old Miami-Dade Metromover supervisor, is behind bars on allegations he raped a 25-year-old Brazilian tourist who was in town for Ultra Music Festival. It happened around 9:30 Saturday night at the Metromover station in Park West. 

The woman was intoxicated and wasn't allowed on the train for her safety. However, a witness observed Wilt pick the woman up and take her into a utility closet. The witness alerted a police officer, and when the officer went to investigate, it took Wilt five minutes to unlock the closet door.

The five-foot-eight, 260-pound Wilt exited with his pants unzipped. The woman was unconscious on the floor. 
Wilt later confessed to having sex with the woman until she defecated on herself. He said that the woman was seriously incapacitated and that he wouldn't have trusted her to drive a car. 

The woman later told officers that she didn't remember anything about what went on in the closet. She said she didn't know Wilt and did not consent to having sex with him. 

She was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital's rape treatment center. 

Wilt was arrested on charges of kidnapping and sexual battery on a person who was physically incapacitated. He arrived in bond court this morning and was ordered to be held without bail. 

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