Matthew Scheidt, Teen Impostor Extraordinaire, Back in Jail This Morning on Theft Charges

Hours after being released from jail on charges he impersonated a Miami Beach police officer, Matthew Scheidt was arrested yet again on theft charges in Homestead. Police arrested the little Scheidt for stealing items he may have used to help him impersonate a police officer in the first place. 

Scheidt, who was arrested last year for impersonating a physician's assistant near Orlando, was arrested yesterday after an undercover police officer caught him impersonating a police officer. In his car, a white Crown Victoria, police found a handgun, a Taser, handcuffs, a police radio, an Osceola County Sheriff's badge, and identification cards among other items. Police believe the radio had been stolen from the Osceola Sheriff's department. 

Scheidt had once been a part of a program for future law enforcement officers through the Osceola Sheriff' department, but was kicked according to NBCMiami for wearing badges and other items that may have lead the public to believe he was an actual officer. 

Scheidt had reported his Osceola Sheriff's department identification card missing in 2010, but the card was found on him during Thursday's arrest. 

It seems that Scheidt's initial release was a mistake, and officials are trying to figure out why they released him in the first place. 

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