Man Accused of Stealing Dolphins Jerseys Shows Up in Court in Dolphins Jersey

Nelson Walker might be the Dolphins number one fan. He actually wears a Dolphins jersey in public without an accompanying paper bag over his head. Walker was even donning the aqua jersey when he showed up in court on charges that he and a friend stuffed two Dolphins jerseys and a hat down their pants at Sun Life Stadium after Sunday's loss.

Walker, 40, and his friend James A. Hanna, 49, were arrested after they were caught with the goods in their pants. They both face third-degree theft charges after trying to steal the merchandise valued at $301.74, reports NBC Miami.

Walker showed up in court yesterday proudly wearing his number 15 Devone Bess jersey. "Bess? Is he new this year?" Judge Diane Ward asked Walker when he strode into court.

Someone in the courtroom clarified that Bess was in his fourth year.

Walker clarified that this was not in fact one of the stolen jerseys in question. It's just the one he got picked up in.

Hanna, who has schizophrenia, was allowed to go to the hospital instead of jail.

Walker was given $5,000 bond. He has also been forever banned from Sun Life Stadium. Which is a shame considering the Fins are having a hard time selling tickets this year.

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Kyle Munzenrieder