Lindsay Lohan's Nipple Set Free in South Beach

Lindsay Lohan, America's favorite troubled has-been, doesn't really have a good track record when its comes to Miami vacations. She ended up in the hospital after suffering an "asthma attack" here in 2006. Back in 2009 she got into an epic-fight with then-girlfriend Samantha Ronson after hosting a New Year's Eve party at Mansion. She was back in town this weekend, but of course not with out some controversy. Her nipple was just flipping out everywhere.

Lohan was at the Raleigh Hotel yesterday doing a rooftop photo shoot for a future issue of Plum magazine, when, whoops, the paparazzi caught a bit of a nip-slip during a costume change.

"Linday Lohan Suffers Nip Slip & Other Photo Shoot Wardrobe Malfunctions," declares OK! magazine (who should actually look up the definition of the word "suffers").

No one wants to see a LiLo movie anymore, but she's still fascinating enough where about 100 different news sources cataloged in Google news will cover her nip-slip and related pictures of her hanging out by the pool in a bikini. Apparently, "Lindsay Lohan nipple" is still big pageview-baiting material (which, just obviously, has no impact what so ever on why we're deigning to ever write about this).

Later in the Day, Lohan scored box seat ticket to the Heat-Bulls game. We have no idea who she was rooting for, but something tells us she might identify with the way the media is both infatuated and disgusted by the Heat. 

So fair Miami Beachians, please be on the look out for Lindsay Lohan's boobs. They're just fluttering around South Beach, ready to attack at any moment.

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