Alas, his life choices have been just as bad as his fashion choices.

Jose Canseco Bashed By County Commission

Jose Canseco, baseball's favorite steroid fiend turned steroid snitch, has already lost a lot to the juice: a shot at the Hall of Fame, a life with normal-sized testicles and, you know, respect.

But on Monday his legacy may have just taken the biggest hit of all: the former Coral Park High star might just lose his name on SW 16th Street.

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Joe Martinez said he plans to introduce a resolution to remove Jose Canseco Street from the books. "I think it's an embarrassment," the commissioner told the Herald.

But don't fret, fans of the Bash Brothers. You still have a chance to show your affection for the chemically enhanced duo by driving down the Mark McGwire Highway, a stretch of I-70 leading into St. Louis. Despite the efforts of local politicians in Missouri, the big fellas name still greets visitors on the way to the Arch.

-- Tim Elfrink

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