John McAfee Lands in Miami, Stays in South Beach's Beacon Hotel

Troubled anti-virus software guru and murder suspect John McAfee landed in Miami last night after getting deported from Guatemala, where he'd fled from an investigation into his neighbor's shooting death. McAfee was allowed to go free after landing at MIA, and spent the night at Ocean Drive's Beacon Hotel.

WSVN caught up with him outside the hotel, and he said he has no fears of being sent back to Belize. "There's nothing in the world they can do to send me back," he says. "They have no evidence and I have tons of evidence about the corruption and the harassment."

It's not at all clear what will happen to McAfee now that he's back in the States. Belizean officials have yet to charge the guru with a crime over the death of Gregory Faull, a Florida businessman who lived next door to him.

The two had reportedly clashed repeatedly over McAfee's guard dogs before Faull was gunned down. After his death, McAfee went on a bizarre run through the country before sneaking across the border to Guatemala.

His location there was accidentally revealed by Vice magazine reporters who tweeted a photo of him with metadata showing their location.

McAfee presumably will remain in Miami for the moment. It's anyone's guess where this bizarre tale turns next.

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