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Jersey Shore Season 4 to Shoot in Italy, Not Miami?

Shortly after we survived the scourge of Jersey Shore's second season and the crew headed back home to Seaside Heights for their next string of drunken antics and silly fights, rumors started popping up that it was only a matter of time before they returned to Miami for season four. Well, now TMZ is reporting that the producers have ditched plans to shoot in Miami and are taking the cast all the way to Italy. We have deeply mixed feelings about this.

Update: MTV confirms the move.

On one hand, local filming is always good for the economy, and the show provided some exposure for our city (even if it wasn't to the greatest audience). Plus fears of Snooki and co were greatly exaggerated. I mean, was it really that bad having them in town?

A season in Italy doesn't seem like it will be all that fun. Only one cast member, Vinnie, is actually a full-blooded Italian. Hell, Snooki is actually a Latina. Plus these kids can barely speak proper English, let alone Italian.

Though, TMZ is often wrong, and we've heard rumors for a while that producers wanted to shoot in Italy, but only for a week or so. Like when MTV used to make its Real World casts head out on international trips.

If it does prove to be true, though, maybe Miami can work some sort of tourism deal with Italy to attract scared Italians who would travel anywhere to avoid Sammi and Ronnie and the like.

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