Jersey Shore: One of The Situation's Miami Hookups Gives Her Side of the Story

Remember Annabelle DeSisto? She was the girl this season The Situation picked up at club Space, only to refuse to smoosh with him and dropped the classic line, "I never said anything about checkers old man." She also happens to be a former Miss Teen Florida. Well she gave her side of the story to Best Week Ever, and basically she is our new hero.

You might not be surprised to find out that Jersey Shore is not one hundred percent real. It's probably more real than, say, The Hills, but at least in DeSisto's case her and her friend were prodded by producers to go interact with the crew at Space. They didn't really want to go home with the guys, and only wanted to talk to Snooki and JWoww about tanning products. Instead they wound up back at the Metropole on that fateful night of cock blocking with Pauly D and Mike.

Here's the highlights:

  • The girls never intended sleep with anyone from the start, but figured it might be a fun adventure. I guess in all the ways you can leave Space with a stranger, having a television crew along to document everything is on the safer side.
  • Once they got back to the Metropole, Mike disappeared for an hour with no explanation.
  • On the way there Mike asked her if she liked getting her hair pulled, because "I need to know later when I 'F' you."
  • This bit: "Does everything you own have a rhinestone bulldog or dragon or Ed Hardy logo on it?" And he's like "Yeah, of course!" And I was like, "Then I'm not changing clothes."
  • While she was making small talk with The Situation he blurted out, "Can you just shut up and blow me?"
  • The rest of the cast is actually perfectly nice, except for Mike.

DiSisto doesn't seem all that ashamed about her time on the show, but did have an awkward time explaining to her parents what "DTF" means. Poor things thought it meant, "Dancing too fast."

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Kyle Munzenrieder