Jay Cutler Didn't Care at All for This Dolphins Trick Play Call
Photo by Morgan Coleman

Jay Cutler Didn't Care at All for This Dolphins Trick Play Call

Jay Cutler came to Miami infamous for his rocket arm and indifferent demeanor. Through three games, Dolphins fans have seen glimpses of Cutler's strong arm and a heaping helping of his negative-cares face. In Miami's 20-0 loss to the New Orleans Saints in London Sunday, one particular play stood out as "that's so Cutler."

Early in the first quarter, before Miami had completely shit the bed, the Dolphins pulled out a play that fans will never forget: The Wildcat. Why? No idea. And Jay Cutler appeared not to care about the play or how well it went. Like, not even a little.

Textbook Cutler. All he was missing on this play was a cigarette, a cup of coffee, and a newspaper. Can you really blame him, though? The Dolphins didn't drag him out of the Fox broadcast booth and pay him $10 million to scare opposing defenses by running out wide like Antonio Brown.

The decision to run the Wildcat with Cutler on the field and Jay Ajayi at tailback was just the most recent puzzling instance of Coach Adam Gase and the Miami Dolphins offense's frustrating effort in 2017. It could be a very long year for Dolphins fans and Cutler.

He's probably not stressing too much about it, though.

In the end, the Fins scored exactly zero points and now have one single touchdown to the their name in the past full two games. With a brutal upcoming schedule, no bye week thanks to Hurricane Irma, and a defense that looks roughly as fearsome as the Cutler-led offense, this could be a very, very long season for Fins Nation.

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