Jarvis Landry Should Stop Bashing the Miami Dolphins and Start Thanking Them

Jarvis Landry is in Cleveland readying himself for his first season with the Browns, but if his continued penchant for mentioning his time with the Dolphins is any indication, his mind is still on Miami — not on the weather or the nightlife he'll miss during the frigid winter he'll spend in Ohio, but on all the ways he thinks the Fins did him wrong.

Landry has a sodium problem. He's really salty at the moment. He's been spending a lot of time thinking about the Dolphins, and not in a good way.

He's clearly still bitter the Dolphins were unwilling to break the bank to give him anything close to the five-year, $75 million contract extension the Browns quickly handed him upon his arrival in Cleveland, and he's going out of his way to badmouth the team. Since Landry was traded to the Browns in March, he's made it a point to bash his former team in almost every imaginable way. Let's recap:
Got all that? That's a lot of complaining for a player who just signed for $75 million in large part because his former team almost exclusively gave him an opportunity to showcase himself every Sunday.
Landry should be thankful for what the Dolphins did for him and less spiteful. He got fed more footballs in Miami than almost anyone in the history of the NFL, and he turned all of those opportunities into more money than almost anyone in the history of the sport has ever made. Less vitriol and more smiles are in order, Jarvis.

Many Dolphins players left Miami empty-handed, only to prove themselves somewhere else down the line. Those players would have loved to have been pelted with passes inside the ten-yard line their entire career the way Landry was at Hard Rock Stadium. Miami may not have been an offensive juggernaut while Landry was in Miami, but if it were, you can be sure he would have been worth a fraction of what he was paid this offseason.

Two head coaches and numerous offensive coordinators believed the best way to win games was to throw the ball in Landry's direction an absurd number of times every week, even when it was obvious the other team wasn't falling for the backward bubble screens and end-around runs anymore. Hell, Miami even had Landry returning kicks for a while.

Underutilized, Jarvis? Really? Get a clue. Move on. Good luck in Cleveland, where, guaranteed, there will be fewer footballs coming your way.
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