Jacuzzi Boys: Trip the Band Fantastic

If you want the straight, uncensored, and very short version of a rock 'n' roll crew's origin story, all you gotta do is ask the drummer. "We came together in early 2007," the Jacuzzi Boys' 24-year-old beat-keeper, Diego Monasterios, explains, "when my and Gabriel's other shitty band wasn't working out."

That's longhaired singer and guitarist Gabriel Alcala. Both men are Venezuelan-born and separated in age by only a year. They have known each other since high school. Together, they've been making fuzzed-out noise for almost a decade. But Jacuzzi Boys wasn't officially born until Miami bike scenester and band BFF Rydell Deed finally introduced Diego and Gabe to bass player Danny Gonzalez.

From that point, the ragged threesome gigged hard, rehearsed harder, and mashed up a mixed batch of musical and nonmusical influences, including Bob Dylan, Marc Bolan, boxing, the Everglades, and (most bizarrely) shitting on mountainsides. The result: a bouncy brand of sprawling, swampy psych rock first committed to tape for a series of underground demos and singles.


Jacuzzi Boys

Those early songs eventually found the ears of influential garage fanatic and Florida's Dying label boss Rich Evans. He befriended the band, set up the deal, and released Jacuzzi Boys' full-length debut, No Seasons, a 12-track slab of catchy, careening jams. Studded with instant classics such as the title track and "Smells Dead," the disc is now in its third pressing.

Even Iggy Pop is a fan. In an interview with Urban Outfitters last year, the Godfather of Punk said, "There's a band here in Miami called the Jacuzzi Boys. It's a stupid name, but they've got a good spirit."

Next on the boys' agenda: their universally anticipated followup to No Seasons. Right now, the track list is top secret, specific details are vague, and the release date is even vaguer. In the immediate future, though, there's a slew of new releases about to hit streets, including a seven-inch with local outfit Electric Bunnies and a 12-inch EP of live, unreleased, and fresh material — not to mention another split single featuring a song recorded in New York City by Voidoids guitarist Ivan Julian.

"It was a total trip to record with him," Gonzalez says. "He's just one of those dudes you've listened to forever and you'd never imagine working on something together."

What are the real reasons they make music?

"Fun, man!" Alcala exclaims.

"And drinking for free," Monasterios adds.

"Plus, who wants a 'real' job?" Gonzalez points out. "[Being in a band] can be the ultimate vacation."

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