Is This The Most Disgusting Bathroom In Miami?

A few days ago, a reader named Joe Cuevas emailed Riptide with a cache of photos and a bold claim: This, he said, is the most disgusting bathroom in all of Miami.

The photos are not for the faint of heart: Toilet paper rolls dangle from rusty chains; gaping filthy holes separate the unflushed urinals; graffiti is scrawled across the walls.

But is this really the nastiest baño in Dade?

Cuevas says the bathrooms are inside the Opa Locka Hialeah Flea Market. Riptide called the bastion of discount booths to see if anyone there cared to defend the honor of their shitters, but no one picks up.

Here's the evidence:

Not a john anyone would want to camp out in, to be sure. But Riptide has the feeling its readers have spent some time in even more odious Magic City crappers.

Leave a comment or email us here if you think you can top Joe and re-bestow the title of Miami's Most Disgusting Bathroom.

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