In Melbourne, Teenager Tasered for Jogging Naked

We don't know what it is about police in Florida, but they sure love to Taser people. Especially naked people it seems. Following a bizarre incident here in Miami just six days ago, police in West Melbourne have Tasered an 18-year-old boy for jogging in the nude. 

Florida Today reports that the 18-year-old was spotted yesterday at 7 in the morning jogging near a busy intersection wearing nothing but swimming goggles. No shorts. No shoes. Just goggles. 

Police, quick to protect the community from the horrible threat of flapping genitals, spread out across the area and checked numerous side streets until they could find the suspect. 

Once located by the police, the guy refused to stop running. He apparently wasn't violent, but the police just decided to Taser him anyway. Straight up naked Tasering, no questions asked. 

Police think he might have been under the influence, but aren't really sure. 

"We suspect he was under the influence ... he was a little incoherent," Cmdr. Steve Wilkinson told Florida Today. He also notes that afterward the suspect was well behaved.

"He was also very nice and apologetic for our inconvenience."

He was taking to the hospital, and will charged with exposing his genitals and resisting arrest. 

This follows another incident of naked Tasering that happened right here in Miami-Dade last week. In that case the suspect was actually violent, and had shot a state DEP officer through the hands. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder