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Iggy Pop Has The Only Artist Flat in Little Haiti with Versace Sheets

I know Iggy Pop's been living in the area for a little while, apparently in Miami Beach with a girlfriend in a place he calls a "real rockstar house with all mod-cons." What I didn't know is that he keeps an art studio of sorts in Little Haiti.

The Guardian's music blog paid the Godfather of Punk a visit in his day-time digs.

"His little house is a treasure trove of high-art and junkshop finds. Throughout, the lighting is subdued with most fittings sporting a green or red bulb, which lends the dark interiors a voodoo feel in keeping with the neighbourhood. On the sofa sits a giant, pregnant woman carved in foam – a giant voodoo doll of sorts – and the mantelpiece and shelves are cluttered with found objects, painted bowls created by local Haitian artists and skulls...

...Pop uses the house as a sort of bachelor pad. There's a bedroom with crisp Versace linen and fully stocked bookshelves with classics sitting next to more modern works like Bernhard Schlink's The Reader."

Pop spends his free time working on his art, which is informed by his Haitian cultural surroundings. His artwork will be featured on an upcoming British television documentary called "Art Rocks." His interest in Art, one he's been developing since the '70s, shouldn't be much of a surprise though, he did perform on the opening night of last year's Basel. Video of that after the jump.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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