Hugo Chavez's Daughter Poses With a Wad of American Cash

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez may think America is an evil imperialist empire, but his teenage daughter Rosines sure seems to love our dollar, dollar bill, y'all. The 14-year-old snapped a picture of herself posing behind a fan of United States currency and shared it on Instagram.

It's not exactly a secret that the president's standard of living is quite a bit higher that most Venezuelan citizens, but the photo certainly doesn't help Hugo's populist image. Especially as his government has placed tight controls on how much American currency the average citizen can obtain through official rates.

It also doesn't help Chavez's anti-American image when his own teenage daughter is posing with the biggest symbol of our supposed evil: our greenbacks. She might as well be in front Old Glory with a crying bald eagle perched on her shoulder. (Turns out Rosines also has a thing for Justin Bieber, but that little eunuch is Canada's fault.)

Chavez himself has not commented on the image, but his ex-wife and Rosines' mother took to Twitter to say, "'I told her that her mistake wasn't to take the picture, but rather posting it on a medium where there are ignorant people who don't respect others."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.