Here's the Route for Friday's Critical Mass in Miami

A day after Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa called the monthly Critical Mass bike ride a "critical mess," the route for this Friday's ride has been released. Though it occasionally detours into other neighboring cities where police have had a friendlier approach, such as Miami Beach and Coral Gables, this route notably stays completely within the city of Miami.

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Like every ride, cyclists will meet at Government Center at 6:30 p.m. and take off around 7.

It's unclear exactly what actions Miami Police will take for this month's ride. Asked whether his force would ticket riders Friday, Orosa answered, "It's a surprise. Maybe, maybe not."

However, Orosa singled out participants he believes are "anarchists," namely cyclists riding erratically and people selling and drinking beer during the ride.

Critical Mass is considered a "spontaneous" event without central organizers. The Miami Bike Scene, a website run by Rydell Deed, routinely posts the routes, so the chief also singled out Deed.

However, this map was not posted on Deed's website and has been available on since Tuesday.

Riptide, of course, encourages motorists who want to avoid bike traffic to plan their evening routes around the map.

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Kyle Munzenrieder