Half-Bearded Man Named "J Charm" Assaults Woman On Ocean Drive During Memorial Day

Even though there were less arrests this past weekend's Memorial Day celebration on South Beach compared to last year, there was one particular schmuck caught on camera assaulting a woman who deserves some more time in a Miami-Dade County jail.

In another video, he identifies himself as "J Charm" and confirms he was arrested for his unsettling behavior. Of course, J Charm blames his victim. Charming indeed. The drama started when half-beard slapped the butt of a bikini-clad girl a little too hard for her liking.

The video, uploaded by a website called


, shows the girl telling half-beard that she didn't appreciate his heavy-handed smacks. When she pushes him, he responds by shoving her while a pair of his female companions jump her. J Charm then tries to stomp on one of his victim's friends who came to her defense.

To show his posse that he's got balls made of titanium steel when it comes to scrapping with the ladies, half-beard also threw a right hook at the girl and her friend, who were outnumbered by at least 12-to-2. After his homeboys pull half-beard away, the women continue brawling with each other.

Hopefully, prosecutors can use the tape to figure out J Charm's real identity and give him a return trip to county jail real soon.

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