Floridians Don't Like Trump or Clinton (but We Tolerate Them More Than Most Other States)

In another sign of just how odd this election season is, Floridians, by and large, do not have a favorable view of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Both are seen negatively by more than 50 percent of the states. Here's where things get even odder: Compared to the vast majority of the rest of the states, both presumptive party nominees are doing great here in Florida. For each, the Sunshine States is among their best in terms of favorability ratings. 

Yes, despite the fact that both have negative favorability ratings in Florida, the poll numbers are actually relative good news for each. 

The new polling comes from Morning Consult. The company has tracked more than 40,000 voters across all 50 states whether they have a favorable or unfavorable view of each candidate. 

Here's the breakdown for both: 

Hillary Clinton 
In Florida, 44.8 percent have a favorable view of the former secretary of state. Nationally, only 41 percent of voters have a favorable view of Clinton. 

Meanwhile, 52.6 percent of Floridians hold a negative view of Clinton. That's still better than the 56 percent national rate. 

That difference is a negative 7.8 percent in Florida.  Compare that to other swing states like Ohio. The split is negative 19.9 percent there. It's negative 19.2 in Pennslyvania. 

In fact, there are only two areas where Clinton's favorability breaks 50 percent: New York and D.C.. 

So it could be worse for Hillary. 

Donald Trump
Trump is viewed favorably by only 42.6 percent of Floridians. But nationally, that number is at a paltry 38 percent. 

On the flip side, 54.4 percent of Floridians have a negative view of Trump. Nationally, it's 58 percent. 

In Florida, that's a negative split of 11.8 percent. Again, that's still pretty good compared to Ohio (negative 20.8) and Pennsylvania (negative 12.3). 

Trump too is viewed favorably by a majority in only two states: West Virginia and Wyoming. 

Here are the national numbers in pretty graph form: 
So the reality is that while Trump and Clinton both have problems in Florida, it's nothing compared to most other states. 

We'll just chalk this up to our "Still Scarred From 2000" theory. Floridians know our votes might end up really, really counting, so we all just try to make the most out of the choices we've been given. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder