FIU Suspends Frat After Facebook Posts Reveal Drug Deals, Hazing, and Creep Shots

"Just throwing this out there for all you new guys," began a post on the private Facebook page of Florida International University's chapter of the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha. "Be careful with your phones and facebook accounts, don't leave em out in the open, and I repeat, NEVER let anyone outside the chapter lay eyes on the server."

That was April. Four months later, FIU suspended the frat after messages on the same Facebook page revealed embarrassing and seemingly illegal behavior. Photos of the Facebook posts — sent to New Times, FIU officials, and fellow fraternities — showed Pikes dealing drugs, bragging about hazing pledges, and swapping nude photos of unsuspecting young women.

It isn't yet clear who leaked the posts. What is glaringly obvious, however, is that the fraternity is screwed.


FIU Suspends Frat After Facebook Posts Reveal Drug Deals, Hazing, and Creep Shots

"Earlier this week, the University was made aware of Facebook postings which appear to be linked to the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity Kappa Gamma chapter and members of the fraternity," FIU said in an August 21 news release. "The university is taking this information very seriously because it suggests possible Student Code of Conduct violations. The university took prompt action and placed the fraternity on interim suspension pending the outcome of investigations by appropriate university departments, including the police."

This is not the first high-profile problem involving Pikes. Last year, a frat brother at the University of Tennessee was hospitalized after reportedly "butt-chugging" too much booze. Pi Kappa Alpha also has a long history of suspensions in Florida, including an infamous 1988 rape case at Florida State University. In fact, FIU's Pikes had just come off suspension last year.

Clearly, the frat failed whatever lessons it was supposed to have learned. The Facebook posts show multiple members blatantly advertising drugs online. "30 mg of addy $10 starting tomorrow. $15 for non brothers," one Pike wrote on April 17. "Save me one!! I have a final tomorrow!! lol," replied a frat brother.

"Pike Pharmacy is on campus all day today again," wrote another before listing his cell phone number.

The Facebook posts also show frat brothers boasting about hazing. "So the pledges have been little bitches about the costume we assigned them," one Pike wrote in October. "Please treat them [like] shit."

"Let's get ready to commit some pledgicide," wrote another.

The foulest Facebook posts are those belittling female FIU students, including the frat brothers' own girlfriends. Under a photo of a woman looking for a date to a school dance, one Pike asked if she "put out." Another woman was called a "hoodrat" for dating members of rival frats. And nude photos of at least three women were posted on the Facebook page. "For those of you who haven't seen [redacted]'s tits, thank Gabe," said the caption under a pic of a topless coed. "I think she was 17 at the time of the titi pics... LOL," added a commenter.

It might have been this machismo that ultimately bit Pi Kappa Alpha in the ass.

"There are lots of people who could have leaked this," one FIU fraternity insider says. "Pikes haze their pledges, apparently, so it could have been a brother who was pissed off or a girlfriend who stumbled upon this, or maybe someone just hacked their page."

Revenge is a bitch, bro.

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