Elizabeth Palomino Murdered by Homeless Man She Tried to Help

Percy Palomino came home to his West Kendall house last month to find his 50-year-old wife Elizabeth dead in a pool of her own blood. Now, Reynerio Alonso Rivero has pleaded guilty to her murder. Alonso Rivero was not some random criminal. The Palominos knew him quite well. They had provided food and shelter to him in the past, and had hired him to do work around their home.

According to The Miami Herald, the Palomino's kindness wasn't enough for 35-year-old Alonso Rivero, who also had a glass eye and a limp arm. He had broken into their home on April 17 and tried to steal money so he could gamble at a casino. Palomino had surprised him during the attempted robbery.
The criminal tried to hide in the master bedroom closet for twenty minutes after Elizabeth came home unexpectedly. When she found him, she tried to hurl a lamp at his head.

She then ran into another room, but Alonso Rivero followed her and stabbed her five times before fleeing. He left her body for her husband to find.

After questioning her husband, police arrested Alonso Rivero five days later.

It wasn't the first time the Palominos believed Alonso Rivero had broken into their home, but continued to offer him their kindness out of pity.

Alonso Rivero decided to offer a quick guilty plea to avoid trial and will not face the death penalty.

[Herald: Drifter quickly pleads guilty to West Kendall woman's slaying]

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