Edgar Castillo, Miami's Most Inept Burglar-Slash-Child Molester, Arrested

Edgar Giovanni Castillo, how dumb -- and disturbed -- you are.

Let us count the ways.

First, police say, you molest children and film it. Then you keep said films and videos on your cell phone's smart chip, of all places.

And then, for a coup de grace, you try to rob a woman, botch the job, and end up dropping the smart chip before scampering away.

Don't worry, Ed -- it only has your contact information and smoking-gun proof of your sexual crimes.

All of that ineptitude adds up to pending federal charges for child pornography on top of the attempted robbery beef.

Miami Police arrested Castillo Thursday, says Officer Kenia Reyes, a spokeswoman for the department.

Officers had been on the lookout for the 29-year-old Miami resident since February 7, when a woman called to report she'd fought back against Castillo after he tried to rob her, Reyes says.

As they fought, Castillo dropped a Nokia SD phone card, Reyes says.

When the cops later plugged in the card, they found not only all the contact info they needed to track the phone to Castillo, but also reams of evidence about his sexual crimes.

Detectives in Miami's sexual victims' unit believe Castillo might have molested other victims who haven't come forward yet. Anyone with more info can call 305-471-TIPS.

Castillo has no prior criminal record in Miami-Dade. He lived near NW 13th Avenue and 31st Street.

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