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Davie Strip Club Where Ynot Died Has History of Violence

This week's feature, "Marked for Death", is the story of Jonathan "Ynot" Corso, the prolific graffiti artist who died after being run over by an Escalade in a brawl in the parking lot of a Davie strip club.

But Ynot's death was just one of dozens of violent incidents at University Drive's Club Eden in recent years.

Riptide requested a list of every police report filed from the small club in the last eight years, and found that the place is plagued by brawls and crime. There have been 31 reports of battery at Club Eden -- 12 of them since 2009 -- including an alleged aggravated battery on a pregnant female and two reports of battery on a law enforcement official.

There's been two strongarmed robberies, four cases of grand theft, more than a dozen burglaries from cars, ten narcotics violations, and in 2004, one alleged rape. Riptide has requested many of these reports and will provide details when we receive them.

Meanwhile, there have been no charges in Ynot's death, despite several witnesses giving statements after the incident, and the driver of the Escalade having been detained by Davie Police. Though the cops aren't commenting on the investigation, a detective on the case recently told his mother, Michelle Corso-Motolla, that they are in the process of examining the SUV's data recorder to see if the driver made an effort to stop before hitting Ynot and a friend, who survived.

Ynot's fellow members in graffiti crew MSG believe that the cops are dragging their feet because of his vandalism. "We're not naive," says graffiti artist Quake. "We know we're not exactly the most upstanding members of society. But Ynot's criminal record was all graffiti. He wasn't a violent criminal. All we want is for the cops to give us justice."

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