Coconut Grove Named Safest Neighborhood in Miami

Several store fronts remain empty, their bars close earlier than anywhere else in the city, and their restaurant scene is being eclipsed by emerging neighborhoods, but there's still at least one very good reason to visit Coconut Grove: It's the safest neighborhood in Miami according to WalletPop and NeighborhoodScout.

"Some city neighborhoods are actually safer than most neighborhoods in America regardless of whether they are urban or rural," writes WalletPop. "For this reason, we set out to discover which area of each of America's major cities is safest."

The site used a FBI statistics which included data from local law enforcement agencies to come up with the safest neighborhood in America's big cities.

This appears to be one of those info-pieces where they limit their definition of Miami to actual city limits, and crowned Coconut Grove as the safest 'hood. Keep in mind that includes the full 33133 area code which includes more impoverished areas and not just the areas around Cocowalk like you see in the promo material.

Coconut Grove is safer than 70 percent of all US neighborhoods, and is the 442nd safest of all 7,685 big city neighborhoods studied. Your chance of becoming a victim of crime while in Coconut Grove is only 1-in-88.

Though, while those stats are obviously good by Miami standards, there's still improvements to be made. There's actually a place in Brooklyn where you chance of being a victim is only 1-in-500.

Though Coconut Grove is surprisingly safer than the safest areas in cities you might think of as overall safer than Miami like Minneapolis, Austin, Boston or San Francisco.

We'd invite you to celebrate by doing the "Safety Dance" in one of the Grove's club but there aren't many left, plus you might feel like a victim of some sort of crime when you go to pay for parking.

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Kyle Munzenrieder