City Manager Goes to Bat for Bikes

Good news! Last week, we wrote that the City of Miami is looking at places they can refit to be accommodating to bicycles. The Bike Blog plugged a few ideas, in particular Coral Way, which is up for resurfacing soon – a great opportunity to add bike lanes.

It seems that Miami agrees:

In a letter dated May 19, City Manager Pete Hernandez writes to Gus Pego, District Secretary of the Florida Department of Transportation, District Six (that’s our district), asking Pego to “explore all opportunities to incorporate bicycle lanes on Coral Way within the referenced project limits.”

He continues:

“The City views this segment of Coral Way as a vital link in a comprehensive bicycle master plan currently being developed under the leadership of our Mayor and in partnership with the City’s Bicycle Action Committee. . . We strongly believe that the Coral Way project represents an immediate yet momentary opportunity to implement a critical portion of an interconnected bicycle network linking the Roads and Shenandoah residential neighborhoods to the Brickell employment area. . . .”

Mr. Hernandez goes on to describe other connections that are planned, concluding:

“As such, both the Department and the City would be remiss not to implement bicycle lanes along this scenic and historic arterial roadway.”

Just a year ago, it would have been hard to imagine this kind of initiative coming from the City of Miami – but the times, it seems, they are a’changing.

Props go out: to Mayor Diaz, City Manager Pete Hernandez, and the Bicycle Action Committee for their work.

-- Isaiah Thompson

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