Chad Ochocinco Rolls Through South Beach in Super Truck, Ditching the "Ochocinco"

Chad Ochocinco isn't known for subtlety. The guy can't even catch lunch at the relatively low key David's Cafe II on South Beach without a healthy helping of ridiculous. Yeah, the Miami native plowed through the back streets of South Beach in a giant gas-guzzling "super-truck" this weekend. The thing apparently only gets 6.9 miles per gallon and took six months to customize. 

Ochocinco showed up to David's with his reality show sweetheart and (Antoine Walker's ex) Evelyn Lozada in matching Gucci high tops. You can see pics of the excursion here

This may be the first time we've seen the truck here in Miami, but Ochocinco memorably drove it to a playoff game last year.
The truck may have special "Ochocinco" badges, but Chad himself has announced he's going back to his birth name: Chad Johnson. 

"I've done enough with Ochocinco," he told ESPN.

Come on Chad, you can never do enough with a name like "Ochocinco." Even putting it on a giant truck isn't enough!

Of course, the man is engaged. Maybe his future-wife would rather be known as Evelyn Johnson and not Evelyn Ochocinco. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder