Chad Ochocinco Joins Dancing With The Stars With Pamela Anderson and Kate Gosselin

It's really a wonder that somehow the one-man entertainment machine known as Chad Ochocinco has not been on a reality TV show yet. If there's a single player in the NFL who was made for trash television it's him. He is, after all, Esteban: the most interesting football player in the world.

Well, it's just been announced that Liberty City native will lace up his dancing flats as a cast member of the next season of Dancing With the Stars. His stint at Super Bowl media day gives him on-camera skills, while we're sure he picked up the latest dance moves while visiting area strip clubs with high school students.

Pamela Anderson, who has quite a habit of washing up on the shores of South Beach, often with no pants, will also cha cha on ABC's hit. And while Ochocinco never got a chance to take on Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps in that Liberty City pool, he will take on gold medal figure skater Evan Lysacek on the dance floor.

Other competitors include Kate Gosselin, ESPN hottie Erin Andrews, Reno 911! star Nicey Nash, astronaut Buzz Aldrin (WHAT?), Shannen Doherty, Jake Pavelka (who?), Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, and soap actor Aiden Turner.

Mostly though, our attention will be on Ochocinco. Here's a preview of his dance credentials.

The show's 10th season will kick off on ABC on March 22, or as it will now be known March Ocho Cinco.

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