Castle With a Moat in the Redland Selling for $10.9 Million

In South Florida, you can find a home fit for the King of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. No, really. For a cool $10.9 million, whether you're a member of House Lannister, House Baratheon, or House Tully, you can stake your claim to the Redland's Chateau Artisan, a 20,000-square-foot castle that sits in the middle of a five-acre moat designed and built by high-end-condo architect Charles Sieger.

After five years of living in Chateau Artisan, Sieger and his wife put the massive one-of-kind estate on the market earlier this year.

"We've lived here for five years," Sieger told HGTV in February when the cable TV network profiled Chateau Artisan for the show Amazing Water Homes. "It took us six years to build it. We're done with it."

Through his real estate broker, Sieger declined to comment about his magnificent abode. According to the real estate listing, Chateau Artisan is a one-of-a-kind castle modeled after a 17th-century French chateau. Sieger and his wife bought the land in 2002 for $414,000. Back then, it was just another tomato field in the Redland.

The home is surrounded by a moat that Sieger filled in as he was building the three-story house. "The house became this island," Sieger explains on Amazing Water Homes. "But it still looked lost, so we put gazebos to dine on the south end and one to sleep on on the north end. That made the house feel bigger than it really was."

We should note that serfs, a dungeon, and alligators for the moat are not included.

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