Carlos Gimenez is the Same as the Old Boss

Anyone expecting some radical new ideas from Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez can just forget about it. Just like his predecessor, Gimenez is screwing over the county employees who can least afford it, while letting the fat-cat bureaucrats continue collecting their six-figure annual salaries.

Earlier today, blogger Bill Cooke posted a list with the names of all 555 Miami-Dade workers who received pink slip notices this week. Cooke noted a recent Miami Herald article about Gimenez allowing department directors who lost their jobs in his reshuffling of county departments to stay on.

A quick cross reference of the first 75 names on the list with the Miami Herald's county employee salary database from 2008 shows the pay scale for those getting shit-canned range from $28,000 to $93,000 per year. Banana Republican believes the 555 workers should band together to occupy the Stephen P. Clark Center to protest Gimenez's lame business-as-usual plan to balance the county's books.

We'll be happy to camp out with them.

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