Here's Video of Cops Breaking Up a Calle Ocho Fight (and Grabbing a Man by the Neck)

Here's Video of Cops Breaking Up a Calle Ocho Fight (and Grabbing a Man by the Neck)
Kiro Habib via YouTube

With every Miami street festival comes a series of silly, petty squabbles with law enforcement, and 2018's Calle Ocho Festival in Little Havana appears to have been no different. In a video posted online yesterday, a group of City of Miami Police officers sprung into action after a man in a wide-brimmed hat tried to use a plastic drink cooler to wallop an opponent.

The clip begins as a group of people advances down the sidewalk toward a man wearing a baseball cap — and three seconds in, someone decides that hurling a plastic cooler is a good idea. The man then backs up and puts up his dukes.

Naturally, nearby City of Miami cops rush in — an elderly man with gray hair and a leather shoulder bag seems to either touch one of the cops or attempt to point something out to her. She then shoves the man into the arms of a much larger officer, who wraps both hands around the old man's neck at the nine-second mark. Thankfully, he takes the man to the ground without much more of a scuffle.

The other officer then turns her attention on the man who chucked the cooler. She whips out her Taser and tells him to get on the ground or be punished. He complies, and she pins him to the asphalt using her knee. In the meantime, the other cops lightly shove everyone else away from the scuffle on the street corner.

Then, at the 25-second mark, two officers forcefully grab a woman and shove her to the ground. A woman watching the incident dashes toward the officers and screams, "No!"

No one seemed to struggle with the officers; otherwise, the incident might not have ended so peacefully.

It's unclear if anyone wound up getting arrested here — New Times has asked MPD for more information about the skirmish. (Local realtor Kiro Habib posted the clip after he or someone else shot the video while driving by the incident.) But this is the second year in a row that someone has filmed a fight at Little Havana's most famous street festival: Video of a block-wide battle went viral online last year. (As New Times noted then: There's no reason to fight during Calle Ocho, you fools! There are way better ways to occupy your time.)
Otherwise, for anyone who avoided flying beer coolers, last weekend's festival seemed to have been a happy, family-friendly affair.
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