Bossman, Gasman, and Triple H: The Guys Who Smuggled Your Steroids From China

From cocaine to black-market cigarettes, Miami has long been America's preferred gateway for smugglers. Add Chinese steroids to the list.

Last week, Miami feds charged 36-year-old North Carolina resident Eric Davis -- nicknamed "Triple H"-- with distributing steroids through the Internet. His alleged co-conspirators, Michael "Gasman" Reich and Timothy "Bossman" Tate, have already pleaded guilty to the same charge. They sold powder steroids through their Pro Labs online company -- a provider cagily discussed by 'roid connoisseurs on this message board.

Steroid and human growth hormone (HGH) production is a huge business in China, home of a $40 billion drug industry and very lax regulation.

Davis is accused of attempting to distribute 12.5 kilos of anabolic steroids. That's a lot of shrunken testicles.

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