Bill Clinton Just Endorsed Philip Levine for Miami Beach Mayor

There's still tons of people who actually live in Miami Beach who have no idea who they're going to vote for in the November 5th election for Miami Beach's next mayor, but apparently ex-President Bill Clinton has made up his mind already. Clinton turns out is buddy-buddy with multi-millionaire candidate Philip Levin and flew in today to officially endorse his pal for the post.

"I think this is an important election. I would be for Philip if we weren't friends, because he puts a premium on cooperation across party lines. America is being damaged by conflict, and we need people who will show up for work everyday. Philip will show up to work and get things done," said President Clinton at a lunch in today, according to the campaign.

Naked Politicspoints out that the line about "cooperation across party lines" might be a way to fend off criticism of Levine's primary donation to Tea Party hero Marco Rubio in heavily Democratic Miami Beach. (Levine says he was just supporting a hometown guy, but, of course, Miami-born Kendrick Meek was running as the Democrat in that race ...and Meek got Clinton's endorsement too, by the way.)

To be fair, most of Levine's other campaign donations go to Democrats, including Hillary Clinton's primary campaign back in 2008.

"To say that I am honored to receive President Clinton's endorsement of my candidacy is an understatement," said Levine in a statement. "The correct adjectives are difficult to express, but this is a serious matter and I intend to be a Mayor that the residents will be proud of, as well as my friend President Clinton."

It's rare that local politics in Miami Beach get attention from national figures. To put it in perspective, the biggest endorsements Levine's main competitor, Michael Gongora, has received are from Norman Braman and the Miami Herald.

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Kyle Munzenrieder