Bike the Rickenbacker, Get Ready to Two-Wheel in downtown and on the Beach

Let's face it. Miami is one of America's worst places to ride a bicycle.Guys on two wheels get whacked on Brickell, nailed in the Redland, and steamrollered on US 1. Bicycling magazine placed us at the bottom along with Dallas and Memphis not long ago. And Florida is clearly the worst in the nation -- with virtually all of our metro areas among the nation's deadliest.

So we're delighted by the plan -- stated on a memo after the jump -- to open the Rickenbacker Causeway to bicyclists this Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon. And we support Manny Diaz's Bike Miami, which will close some of downtown to cars on January 18. It's the best thing the guy has done in office

And we positively love the idea -- to be discussed at a public meeting January 26 to build a bike trail along Dade Boulevard to the beach.

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Hey maybe the worm has turned. Maybe we can forever roll around in peace. Yeah, right....I'm not pumping up my tires just yet.

Chuck Strouse




December 23, 2008



Edith Torres












 Miami-Dade Public Works Department delfin@miamidade.gov





the rickenbacker" CYCLING EVENT




lane and causeway improvements,


january 10, 2009, at 9 a.m., Across from the Crandon park marina


Traffic Lanes to be

Closed for Cyclists Dedication Ceremony at 9:45 a.m. to Feature Miami-Dade

County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez; County Manager George M. Burgess;

Representatives from the City of Miami and Village of Key Biscayne; Miami-Dade

County Public Works Director Esther Calas, P.E.; and Miami-Dade County Park and

Recreation Director Jack Kardys


(MIAMI, December 23,


- Bicyclists are invited to "Ride the

Rickenbacker" in celebration of the completion of improvements to the

Rickenbacker Causeway and on- and off-road bicycle lanes on Saturday, January

10, 2009, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., across from the Crandon Park Marina at the

Bear Cut Preserve.  Free parking will be available at CrandonPark until noon for bicyclists who choose

to "drive to ride."


Northbound traffic lanes will

be closed from CrandonPark to the WestBridge from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.  Traffic

will be re-routed to the southbound lanes.  Following the 9:45 a.m. dedication

ceremony with Miami-Dade County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez; County Manager

George M. Burgess; representatives from the City of Miami and the Village of Key

Biscayne; Miami-Dade County Public Works Director Esther Calas, P.E.; and

Miami-Dade County Park and Recreation Director Jack Kardys, cyclists will be

able to ride the Rickenbacker Causeway "traffic-free" for three hours. 


This event also celebrates

the movement to make Miami-DadeCounty one of the pre-eminent cycling

locations in the world.  Working together, different county departments and

cities, along with state and federal agencies are in the process of creating a

web of bikeways and greenways that will provide cyclists with greater

opportunities to move around the county.   When fully built, the 500-plus miles

of trails and bikeways will form a more livable and sustainable community and

will include etiquette signs, interpretive signs, educational signs, mile

markers, trail maps, and pedestrian directional signs. 


"The bike lane project on the Rickenbacker Causeway,

along with the lanes on Crandon

Park and the Village of Key Biscayne, link five beautiful parks

for everyone to enjoy.  This is the essence and vision of Miami-DadeCounty's Open Space Master Plan," said

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez.


The objective of the Rickenbacker Causeway road

resurfacing and bicycle path improvement project was to create continuous

bicycle lanes from the WestBridge to Key Biscayne and accommodate the

volume of bicyclists that currently use the shoulder of this road.  Today, in

combination with the Village of

Key Biscayne's

Crandon Boulevard

project, these improvements have been accomplished with bicycle lanes from the

mainland to Cape



The resurfacing of the Rickenbacker Causeway and bike

path was accomplished in three phases.   The first phase of this project was

from the east end of Bear Cut Bridge to the east entrance of the Crandon Marina,

and consisted of milling and resurfacing the causeway and off-road bicycle path,

widening at various intersections, pavement markings for roadway and delineation

for future bicycle lanes.  Construction of this portion of the facility was

completed in July 2006.

Phase two of the project was from the west end of the

BearCutBridge to

the east end of the WilliamPowellBridge.  This phase consisted of the same

improvements as phase one, and also included shoulder widening at various

intersections.  Construction of this portion of the facility was completed in

July 2007.

Phase three of the project is from

Brickell Avenue

the west end of the WilliamPowellBridge.   The work included the same

improvements as phases one and two, from west of the toll plaza of the east end

of Hobie

Island; and milling and resurfacing of

the BearCutBridge

and the West

Bridge (southern section).

This project also included the installation of handrails for the WilliamPowellBridge, the BearCut

Bridge and the WestBridge,

the replacement of joints on the Bear

CutBridge and the WestBridge (southern section).  Improvements

further included shoulder widening at various intersections, signing and

pavement markings to include conversion of the shoulders to marked and signed

bicycle lanes for the length of all three phases, minor sidewalk repair,

construction of concrete path to connect bike lane to existing path, and

upgrading of pedestrian signals.  Construction of this portion of the facility

was completed in December 2008.


"I look forward to participating in the 'Ride the

Rickenbacker' ceremony. This project will improve safety and better accommodate

the volume of cyclists who currently use the Rickenbacker. The improvements will

bring Miami-DadeCounty one step closer to achieving its

Open Space Master Plan vision that connects all parks, green spaces, and

bikeways across the County.  Our commitment is to provide a world class system

of parks that connect 500-plus miles of trails and bikeways. This goal will make

our community a more attractive one to live, work and play in," said

Commissioner Carlos A. Gimenez, District 7.


"Reducing our carbon omissions by encouraging citizens

to use dedicated bicycle lanes and pathways linked to our existing Transit rail,

mover and bus service will lessen our impact on the environment while providing

outstanding recreational experiences," said Miami-Dade County Manager, George M.



Miami-Dade Parks creates outstanding recreational,

natural and cultural experiences to enrich you and to enhance our community for

this and future generations.


# # #


Miami-Dade Parks provides quality

and diverse cultural and recreational experiences for persons with disabilities.

Call 305-365-3128 (V) or 305-365-6705 (TDD) to request materials in accessible

format, a sign language interpreter (five days notice required) and for

information on access for persons with



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