Biggest Loser Announces Weight Loss Cruise Leaving from Miami

One of the highlights of any cruise experience is the never-ending free food. In fact, more than most types of vacations, cruises are expected to come with a bit of a weight gain. Without the food, you're struck on a giant ship in a small room with a bunch of strange people wearing sandals and black socks from the Midwest while occasionally being released to tourist traps throughout the Caribbean.

Well, now NBC's The Biggest Loser has announced they'll be setting sail with their first ever weight loss theme cruise from Miami in November. Because there's nothing that people with weight problems love more than vacations in which they're expected to spend a lot of time in swimsuits.

The cruise kicks off November 12 on the Celebrity Eclipse and leave from the Port of Miami. Contestants from the show will be on board along with trainer Bob Harper (sorry, everyone, no chance of glimpsing co-trainer Jillian Michaels by the pool).

"The biggest obstacles to healthy living are the bad habits we fall into over the years," Harper said in a statement according to USA Today. "We hope that people will jump at the chance to take a fun vacation and learn about how easy it is to adopt a healthy, active life-style."

Apparently, loser cruisers will only get to order off a special menu of healthy food, while everyone else around them goes hog wild chowing down on the sea food buffet and dessert tray.

Voyagers will have to shell out $1,295 each for the journey.The journey will also include fitness classes, cooking courses, and seminars.

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Kyle Munzenrieder