Big Girls Gather at AmazonCon
C. Stiles

Big Girls Gather at AmazonCon

On the way to the slot machines at Seminole Hard Rock last weekend, a little old lady was surrounded by a circle of seven-foot-tall women. Overwhelmed, she stopped and stared up from well below their bust lines. Her eyes got wide.

"She looks scared!" shouted Bunny Glamazon, a hulking strawberry-blond fetish icon, who stood six-foot-nine in heels.

Puffing out her chest in response, the elderly woman answered, "I feel just as big as you."

"She's a little firecracker," Bunny whispered to one of her towering friends.

AmazonCon, a convention for giant women and the men who love them, drew some odd looks during a cocktail reception at the casino. Nine Amazon women and 50 fans converged on South Florida from as far away as Germany for the party. The goal: Set up private fetish sessions and network.

The huge women posed for height comparison photos and slurped pink drinks as their male fans ogled them from afar. Once good and tipsy, they began bonding. Conversation turned to what it's like growing up a giantess. Tall Kat, standing seven-foot-one in heels, with a thick brown bob and wiry figure, explained her childhood this way: "I have a photo of myself at my two-year-old birthday party. I'm standing at the table looking down at my cake."

For Mikayla Miles — the Amazon who founded the South Florida scene and makes six figures — business is looking promising. In the past few weeks, she's had a flood of Amazon wannabes contact her, with hopes of joining the enterprise. Said Mikayla: "I'd like to slowly take myself out of the sessions and just do the recruiting. I don't want to still be doing this when I'm 50."

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