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Bad Hair Day? See Roque

Roque Jimenez is in the house

Tuesday, while you were at your desk nursing a coffee-scalded tongue and your daily work headache, a Miami Beach hair salon introduced a few local journalistas to the newest hair-gician in town. The Samy Salon Beauty Lounge was immaculate, neither a hair nor flyaway in sight.

Since its February grand opening, the salon has become one of the shiny nickels in Lincoln Road’s penny loafer. State-of-the-art blowdryers dangling from the ceiling, Starburst-hued product bottles lining the walls in soldier-style precision, and snow white leather furniture begging for asses to sit. When the flagship salon’s new creative director, celebrity hairstylist Roque Jimenez, entered the chic cutting room, freshly-made smoothies and French pastries be damned, we needed some hair tips!

So the stylist behind Mariah Carey’s fierce do’s sat down with us and dished on the number one topic that arises during discussions on global warming and living “green”: saving our precious straightened hair in this damn humidity. He gave us some great tips, ones we’ll use tonight. But you, you’ll have to go to the Samy Salon Beauty Lounge for your own consultation; hair is personal. But one pearl that I learned from the master himself and can pass down to you is “Some of those days, like when it’s August in Miami, and it’s really humid out…just go for the wavy look.” -- Raina McLeod

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.