Al Cardenas' Wife: Homosexuals "Threaten the Moral Fiber of Our Society"

Al Cardenas, the Miami mega-lobbyist and lawyer who once headed the Republican Party of Florida and now head of the influential American Conservative Union, has exercised his right to be married to a woman named Diana for the past 32 years. Though, it seems Diana is dead set against extending the pleasures and privileges of marriage to homosexuals, and was caught on her Facebook page comparing homosexuals to the mentally ill, and describing gays as trying to "threaten the moral fiber of our society."

Steve Rothaus has the full exchange at his Gay South Florida Blog.

It seemed the Facebook wall discussion was sparked while Cardenas was discussing Texas Gov. Rick Perry's recent apparent flip-flop on gay marriage with Ana Navarro, a local GOP activist and veteran of the Jeb Bush administration. Navarro seems to stray with most of her party by being in favor of gay marriage.

In the exchange Cardenas makes several bombshell statements about homosexuality:

Marriage is a vital social institution between two members of the OPPOSITE sex. It goes way beyond just an emotional relationship---it serves a vital role inthe stability and continuity of our society, something which homosexual marriages cannot provide. Unfortunately, the biggest victory of the gay movement has been to shift the debate from a 'behavior' to identity, whereby those that oppose homosexuality are considered bigoted or hateful. They have equated it to the Civil Rights Movement, seeking to obtain the rights granted under the constitution to all races or religions. Sexual behavior does not fall into either category!!!!It is not about homosexuals wanting to enter into a 'marriage' so much as it is about them wanting to gain acceptance into mainstream society by redefining the traditional definition of the institution. Because a few liberal judges decide to sign it into law, does not mean the public is in favor of it. Whenever it has been put on the ballot (as in California), it has failed.

Cardenas then compared homosexuality to an illness or disability, and asks gays to keep it in the bedroom:

it IS a threat to society. It is not nature's way. They can't procreate, can they?....You hvae them in your family? Well, there is no reason not to like them or love them, the same way you would love one who has a disability, or an illness,etc. I just DO NOT want them pushing their agenda on the majority who are not. This is just about sexual preference--keep it in the bedroom!!!! It is not about being denied any constitutional rights.....Ana, I got your point.....I am just tired of this topic being shoved in our face continually by all these gay activists and I have to ventilate my feelings.... You know I always wondered why homosexuals are referred to as 'gay', kind of an oxymoron? Nothing really 'gay' about them or their movement

Cardenas then complains that gays have the audacity, to you know, be gays in public:

No, you are right, they are not hiding in shame anymore---they are in our faces with public display of affection, gay parades,gay rallies, non-stop bombardment!!! As if that is not enough, now they are seeking to make constitutional changes. The audacity!!! They don't represent a threat to me persnally, but to society in general. They threaten the moral fiber of our society...... If I had a child who was a drug addict, I would still love him to death, but that does not mean I have accept or condone the bad behavior.

Cardenas also repeatedly claims that the majority of Americans opposed gay marriage. Several recent polls have shown just the opposite.

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