Dolphin Mall Evacuated After Reports of Shooting Incident, But No Victims Reported
Courtesy of Dolphin Mall

Dolphin Mall Evacuated After Reports of Shooting Incident, But No Victims Reported

Update: As of 12:00 a.m. Sunday, police had not found any victims, and reports of an active-shooting situation appear to have been unfounded.

The Dolphin Mall is on lockdown and is currently being evacuated due to a shooting situation, authorities confirmed to New Times late Saturday Witnesses on social media have posted videos of the mall being evacuated as heavily armed police officers secured the area.

Miami-Dade and Sweetwater officers are at the scene following reports of an active shooter in the mall, but had not yet confirmed the shooting as of 10:25 p.m., Lt. Felipe Lay of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue told New Times. He added that there were no victims but that first responders were standing in case of emergency.

Sweetwater Police did not immediately respond to a phone call.

Beginning around 9 p.m., mall workers and patrons reporting hearing gunshots inside the mall near Bass Pro Shops. Workers have since posted online that the mall has been locked down and workers are being told to hide and remain inside their stores as police search for the suspect or suspects.

Social-media users have posted footage of patrons screaming and fleeing the scene of the shooting. There was also a photo posted of a "shooter," but that was quickly discredited. Police were also filmed toting semiautomatic weapons:

This is a breaking story. This post will be updated.

Jessica Lipscomb contributed to this report.

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