Video of the Day: Trick Daddy, Lil Jon, and Twista--"Let's Go"

Yesterday I was hanging in the studio with Jim Jonsin, the local producer extraordinaire who produced two of the biggest hip-hop tracks of the year, Lil Wayne's "Lollipop" and T.I.'s "Whatever You Like."

We were basically chopping it up about music, the industry, his

upcoming five Grammy nominations, his production methods, and all sorts

of stuff. He's definitely a cool guy.

So I asked him what beat

he thought really propelled his career in the right direction and he

mentioned "Let's Go," the guitar heavy track off of Trick Daddy's 2004

album, Thug Motivation. To me, that beat has always been one

of the riskiest of Trick's career because he's such a hardcore Dade

County goon, that jumping on a rock beat is sort of hit or miss for


And I love Trick for doing that song, but I always

thought Lil Jon produced that track. Turns out, it was Jim Jonsin the

whole time. Jonsin mentioned that even Twista thought it was Lil Jon's

beat up until recently and he was on the song. Anyway, here's the video

for "Let's Go" which is crunk enough to wake anybody up on a slow

Wednesday morning.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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