Video: Insane Clown Posse Flooded the Hangar With Faygo

Here's the bad news: No video cameras were allowed inside Insane Clown Posse's show at the Hangar last week. If you didn't have a ticket, you'd never know exactly what went down when South Florida's Juggalo army convened in downtown Miami.

But here's the good news: New Times' most colorful video correspondent, Notorious Nastie, covered the show as only he could: raspy-voiced, glitter-nosed, and wearing a literal clown suit.

While chatting up the Juggalos as they waited to enter the Hangar for the show, Nastie captured plenty of whoop-whoops and painted faces. Then he left New Times' cameras outside to experience the ICP magic for himself — and show us what the venue looked like after all the fans had departed.

(Spoiler: It looked like a wading pool of Faygo.)


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