Vidavox isn't a jazz or jam band. Nor is it electronica, though the group does borrow certain strategies from IDM. Vidavox is a swirling amalgamation of exploratory music culled from the recesses of South Florida's underground. The outfit cranks out boundless, genre-defying sound that captures bits of classical, punk, and surf music to construct strangely captivating and melodious extended instrumental numbers. Vidavox has been playing together since 2002 and is composed of former members of Faller, Milkshed, and Lose the Rookie. They have a reputation for reaching across party lines; their performances have enthralled hardcore kids, punkers, rockers, and hip-hop backpackers alike. One demo, thirtysome-odd local shows, a finished album, no tour, and three years later they are done. This is their last show for now, as guitarist Carlos Vega heads out of town to pursue a Ph.D. in mathematics. This farewell performance is also serving as a release party for their finally completed full-length album, a project that has been in the works for more than a year. -- Dominic Sirianni

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