Ultra revealed its 2016 plans today, with a banner over the exit from Bayfront Park.
Ultra revealed its 2016 plans today, with a banner over the exit from Bayfront Park.
Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez

Ultra Music Festival Announces 2016 Dates

It's become an annual Ultra Music Festival tradition. Even before party people, DJs, and downtown Miami condo residents have recovered from their latest romp through Ultra land, the fest springs the news that next year’s 200,000-strong EDM extravaganza is only about 365 days away.

At Ultra 2013, it took organizers 17 minutes to announce the 2014 fest. The next year, it was a three-day wait. But today, with the 2015 edition of the fest still hours from finishing, the next set of dates has already been confirmed: Ultra 2016 will go down March 18 to 20.

What’s especially interesting is this stretch happens to be the month's second-to-last weekend. And Ultra has most often (though not always) taken place over the final Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in March. So does that mean Ultra is eyeing a return to the six-day, two-weekend format of 2013?

Nope. It seems not. As the festival’s reps explain: “Easter falls on March 27 and it’s been decided to schedule the dates for the previous weekend."

Ultra Music Festival 2016. Friday to Sunday, March 18 to 20. Visit ultramusicfestival.com.

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