Five Weird Things Found in Fanny Packs at Ultra Music Festival

The fanny pack is the key to a successful Ultra Music Festival. The coveted waist bag allows you to bring more than your pockets could ever handle, so you can carry all the junk you think you’ll need during the event. Most wear it around their waist, but for added clout, you can wear it across your chest for easy access. Here are some of the best (and weirdest) items we found snuck into the festival:

You never know when you'll feel the urge.
You never know when you'll feel the urge.
Daniella Mía

Magnum condoms. You never know when you’re going to have sex. Who knows when your girlfriend will finally get in the mood, or when you'll meet a seemingly rich guy at the bar? Maybe you never plan to drop your drawers, but it’s always best to be prepared. One festival-goer brought Magnum Condoms to the venue because, hey, you never know. Stuffed into his fanny pack, the wrinkled but still usable gold-wrapped condom was ready when needed. It's unclear exactly where, in a festival of over 100,000 people, you would be able to sate your sexual urges. But as long as you’re wrapping it up, it’s acceptable.

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Prerolls. Though marijuana is still not legal for recreational use in Florida, that didn’t stop festival-goers from stuffing a few in their fanny packs. It’s common for Ultra fans to enhance their experience through self-medicating, making the 12-hour-long festival worth it. Prerolled cones came in various colors, matching the ravers' outfits perfectly. Once lit, the aroma of a good time filled the air and their lungs, making even the densest techno sets bearable.

Pee cones. One can only imagine the bacteria, viruses, and icky stuff in a portable bathroom. The festival grounds gave attendees several stations to relieve themselves, but the facilities often got overcrowded. One festival-goer was obviously a professional, sneaking in a female urination device that allowed her to go whenever, wherever. The rubber tool had a wide area for her private parts and narrowed down into a tube for a discreet outflow. For her, long bathroom lines were a thing of the past.

But why tho?
But why tho?
Daniella Mía

Rubber duckies. We’re not sure why a raver brought rubber duckies to the festival, but we admit they are really cute. She had stuffed a couple into the black fuzzy fanny pack wrapped around her waist and gracefully showed them off to our photographer. According to her, she gave them away to people she felt appreciated them. We’re sure the props made a great photo moment and left guards confused at the main entry. They weren’t prohibited according to Ultra’s lengthy list, but we also can’t name one use for them either.

Peanuts in tampon wrappers. If you were raving on a budget last weekend, sneaking food into the festival was vital. While there were plenty of meal options in the venue’s several food courts, they ranged from $11 to $30. Shelling that kind of cash out twice a day for three days can get pretty expensive. One raver decided to remove compact tampons from their plastic packaging and dump peanuts into them. She secured the end with a single staple, making it easy to reopen when she wanted to refuel.

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