The Vixens You Meet at a Twerk Concert

Flashing blue, purple, and white spotlights lit up the dark room. Bass-heavy beats from Rick Ross, Ace Hood, and Beyoncé blasted from the speakers. And an army of vixens in camo tank tops, ripped leggings, and sneaker wedges invaded Story Nightclub on Saturday with their weapons of mass twerk.

We're not talking a typical night at the club (although it sure felt like it), we're talking Vixen Army: the Concert.

For 90 minutes, hundreds of sweat-drenched, twerk-thirsty divas mirrored the fierceness that amounted from Janet Jones and her Vixen Army as they unleashed their inner ratchet and "p-popped till they percolated."

From experienced VA experts primed in full-blown makeup and heels, to twerk fitness virgins, here are the vixens you meet at a twerk concert.

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Student Vixens Turned Teachers

Before becoming a fresh faced Vixen Army commander, Lauren Linares was a VA devotee.

"I was attending the classes for about a year," Linares explained. "They had auditions for instructors. I tried out and now, I'm an assistant."

"I love it. It makes you feel like you're a raw woman, like you can do anything. We get all pretty and unleash our inner Beyoncé," she laughed right before the lights dimmed and the twerking began.

Former Dancers

Daniela Guevara and Adriana Garcia were droppin' it like it was hot.

"I've been doing it since it started [about a year-and-a-half ago]," said Guevara, the curly-haired vixen. "We used to dance and I hate going to the gym. Here, it's dancing in heels and a workout at the same time."

Health benefits aside, Guevara and Garcia come to relive their golden days as dancers.

"It gives us a chance to dance and go all out," explained Guevara.

"It gives you confidence," Garicia added.

MILFs Hot Mamas

Jessica Mark and Alena Capra were blushing with post-twerk workout endorphins.

"We're former dancers and needed a class," said Mark. "We were looking for a hip-hop class and found the Vixen Workout."

"I love it!" she shouted. "It's addicting. I have three daughters and this is my escape."

Capra agreed.

"You get this high and feel like you can take over the world."


Alive Sherman enlisted in the Vixen Army back in May.

"I was looking for a dance class that wasn't salsa or Zumba and found it [the Vixen workout] on Instagram," she said.

While moves like the Twerkinator and the Dade County gave the VA its rep, Sherman believes it goes beyond a fitness trend.

"It's not so much about the twerking, it's about feeling sexy," she expressed. "It's about celebrating womanhood. It's about body shaking and jiggling and not having to apologize for it."


Original Twerkers

"It takes me back to the golden days of high school, when I used to booty dance," reminisced Marie Navarro.

"But the first time I tried it [the Vixen Workout], I was cracking up the entire time," she laughed. "In the beginning, you're lost, but the real vixen comes out when you start learning the routine."

Vixens for Life

"I was a member of Body & Soul when the Vixen Workout first started," said Arai Denate who introduced Navarro to the twerking madness.

"I brought my co-workers and from the first class, they were hooked."

As for Denate's favorite move, the Dade County, "it's a lot of fun. You get to let loose."

Vixen Groupies

Never underestimate the power of confident women pumped up on adrenaline, especially if they come in groups of four.

"You sweat like crazy and you feel like you did something," was Carla Henao's reaction to the workout.

But Sarah Pineda admitted the real reason why these ladies twerk in groups is "to get dirty and not be judged."

Damn right, ladies.

Vixen Virgins

Although Priscilla Somerville was manning her Earthy Chic Boutique booth, she found some time to get in on the twerk madness.

"It was my first twerkout," she laughed. "I love to dance and use any excuse to shake my booty. I feel like a sexy biatch."

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