Ten Ratchet Halloween Costumes You See in Miami

Say what you wanna say, but the truth is that Halloween is an excuse for ladies (and even dudes) to unleash their inner ratchet.

And if you're like some of the party animals at the Vagabond's Joker Asylum party, you celebrate Fright Night by expressing your sexual prowess, walking around in tight leather corsets, fishnet stockings, and fangs.

Here are ten ratchet costumes you'll likely spot at a Miami Halloween party, according to the Magic City's party people.

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G-String Man

Lizz Nick was manning the bar with black feathers around her neck and a bow in her hair.

"Some people wear tape on their nipples for fetish parties," the bartender said, "but the most ratchet has to be this guy who comes in wearing nothing but a G-string and a bow tie."

It takes confidence to freely express ratchet tendencies, G-String Man.

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Spiky-Boobed Sex Goddess

Hal Kreitman was having a drink by the bar, rocking just fitted grey pants, a beret, and suspenders across his bare torso.

"I once saw a girl wearing a G-string with spikes on the front, a cut-off top, and heels at a fetish party," the shirtless 1940s gangster said.

Looks like that lady knows how to embrace her sexuality and keep the creepers away.

Cameron from Street Fighter

We don't exactly know what look Caio was going for, but we're pretty sure he was wearing a dog collar.

"There was this girl dressed as Cameron from Street Fighter, she was just so sexy," Caio said as he showed off a picture of her.

"She had on a green leotard and a black top hat and every guy broke neck as she walked on by."

Not so ratchet. But never underestimate the power of a woman in spandex.

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Kayla was wearing a leather corset and black choker, sitting on a couch with her pal Santini.

"One of our friends wore leaves on her vagina and boobs," said Kayla.

"But I dress slutty all the time," Santini interrupted.

Stay ratchet, ladies. We love you.

Barely Legal Schoolgirl

"The schoolgirl is pretty sexy, but creepy at the same because of all the pedophiles out there," admitted Gaby who was dressed as a geisha with her friend Damaris.

"I wanted to wear sandals and socks and keep it authentic, but these two told me to slut it up with heels," joked Damaris.

OK. Go ahead and do you, girls. But watch out for the pervs! And don't forget the buddy system!

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Streaker & Miley Cyrus in "Wrecking Ball"

"This was years ago, but I once wore a nude body suit and painted nipples, abs, and a belly button on it, and wore a thong on top of the suit and flashed people," laughed Miriam Sante.

"People thought I was really naked!"

Nothing tops going bare ass on the ratchet scale.

"But someone should come up with a 'Wrecking Ball' Miley Cyrus costume," she added.

Wait, we take that back -- there's always Miley.

TSA Agent

Melissa was sitting by the bar with her friends, "Robin" and a Foxhound Special Forces officer.

"One of our friends once wore a sexy TSA costume with little, tight shorts, a neon bandeau top, and suspenders," she recalled.

Hmm ... Maybe travelers wouldn't mind waiting in line at the airport if it meant getting frisked by a provactively attired Transportation Security Administration agent.

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Slutty Angel

Ana was decked out in pirate gear with a sword and a striped bandana.

"This one time, some girl was wearing these black boy shorts that looked like underwear, with a black bandeau top, black wings, and a black halo. She was supposed to be a slutty angel.

"I just didn't get it!" she laughed. "I almost got into a fight with her, but that's a whole 'nother story for another time."

Good thing Ana left her sword at home that day.


Allison Beth, her self-described "Molly name," was dressed as a hula dancer with a bra made out of seashells and a straw skirt.

"The sexiest costume I've ever worn was a mummy where I covered myself in bandages."

"That's actually very creative! What about your hula costume? It's pretty sexy, don't you think?"

"It's Halloween!" she answered.

'Nuff said.

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