Speaking of Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids

Since it's Throwback Tuesdays and the post below this one mentions local guitarist, Daisy Berkowitz, who used to play in Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, I figured I'd scour the Web for old Spooky Kids footage.

The band was a staple in Fort Lauderdale's metal scene long before they became famous, and shortened their band name to just Marilyn Manson and were known for putting on some rather crazy shows. I came across this jewel of a video from August 1, 1992, featuring the eccentric rockers playing a show at the old Plus 5 Lounge. At the time, the line up for the band was as follows:

Marilyn Manson - Vocals

Daisy Berkowitz - Guitar

Gidget Gein - Bass

Sara Lee Lucas - Drums

Madonna Wayne Gacy - Keyboard

Here's another video with them performing "Suicide Snowman" from the same show.

Of all of the videos I found, this one below (of the song "White Knuckles") has the best audio/video.

And this one is from a 1990 show at the Squeeze and features Manson singing "Son of Man" while he still wore (somewhat) normal clothes. The audio in this video isn't as good as I'd like but it does give an insight into what the early '90s metal scene was like in South Florida. Enjoy.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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