Skrillex Quest, the Dubstep Video Game: An Extremely Detailed Breakdown

Don't let Skrillex near your old NES games. He'll fuck them shits up.

That's the take-away message of Skrillex Quest, a new glitched-out collaboration between the dubstep dynamo and browser-adventure king John Oda.

Based on the original gold-plated Legend of Zelda, the simple RPG features about 30 minutes to an hour of gameplay, a super-meta plot, and a bunch of your Skrillex favorites.

Too scared of the drop to play it yourself? Don't worry, Crossfade's got the extremely detailed breakdown.

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"It all began with a single speck of dust," we are told. This glitch-dust particle falls onto the chip in the gold Skrillex Quest game cartridge, and everything goes to hell. We're raging out to "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites." Our hero, some kind of corrupted Link, meets with the corrupted king in his corrupted castle. He tells us our mission is to save their world, then he unceremoniously dies, joining the princess, who is also dead.

Level One: Learn Your Moves

OK, so the only moves here are arrow key and spacebar sword slashes. We enter some kind of garden and we're told the defeat the "glitches" before continuing. The "glitches" are big boxes of ugly 8-bit mess that will pummel us to death if we don't pummel them first. After killing two, we get our first chest and our first "Dead Princess Key." Her glitch spirit appears and tells us to "Find her sullen heart ticking under the ground." Yeah, those are lyrics to the song "Summit," which is playing in the background.

Level Two: Corrupted Castle Adventure

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After killing a few more glitches, we enter the halls of some corrupted 8-bit hell, attacked by giant glitch-squares. "Summit" featuring Ellie Goulding still plays in the background. We run around, trying to find these five "Dead Princess Keys." We only find three. But apparently, it doesn't matter. When we run out of time, we're transported to the next area.

Funny story: There's this one room where you can heal yourself of "Health," "Magic," or "Faith." But when choosing each option, "Health" leads to a message of "no health insurance," and "Magic" reveals "there is no such thing as magic." Finally, "Faith" tells us that "you are a beautiful person worthy of love and acceptace," and then our time is restored, for a few seconds.

Level Three: Glitch Desert

We fall away into more glitch madness. We find ourselves in a beige desert, reminiscent of old Zelda, except it looks totally different now. These giant freight train-like glitches keep coming at us and fucking up our day. We meet some old guys who have totally given up on life, but they give us parts of scrolls and other stuff, even though we don't know what all this shit's for. We find a graveyard and kill some glitches, then our princess comes back up from beneath the dirt.

Level Four: Save The Princess

Those five "Dead Princess Keys" ... We didn't need them all. So we undo three locks with our three keys and destroy the rest. The princess comes out. The music hits its apex. And suddenly, we are transported to some kind of evil club. Big black hulking things dance around on the floor, and DJ Skrillex glitch hops around behind some decks. We get a good look at the DJ while "Kill Everybody" plays in the background.

Level Five: Final Boss

The dance party turns into a mosh pit of glitch attacks, and the music switches up to the Skrillex vs. Wolfgang Gartner collab track "Devil's Den." Appropriate, because this shit is hard. Once we finish off the killing on the dance floor, the ground disintegrates, and it's just us and glitch-Skrillex going at it. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to get past this part. But we know it's the end, because John Oda said Skrillex makes an appearance "at the end."

All in all, Quest is actually a really fun game. We'll probably keep playing it until we finally beat it. The best part is all the little hidden jokes. We found liquor in one of the secret rooms. And the fact that the game is so meta makes it even more enjoyable. In one room, we meet ourselves, Player 1, and he's all "Please don't get me killed." Hysterical.

Way to go Skrill. You're cool, bro.

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