Ultra Music Festival

Set Times For Ultra Music Festival 2012

Even though Ultra Music Festival's lineup and set times are conveniently and instantly available via the fest's official app, we here at Crossfade wanna highlight three two reasons why all y'all beat freaks might need an easily printable, plain-text version of the UMF sked:

1. You can't afford a fucking iPhone or Android 'cause you spent all your cash on a three-day festival pass and a big bag of raver snacks.

2. Cell service sorta sucks at Ultra. Just ask anyone who's ever tried to tweetcast a trip to the port-a-potty at UMF.

3. Each day at Ultra will last about 12 hours. You're gonna forget to charge your phone. It will die. And consequently, you will miss Saturday night's M83 set at 8 p.m. on the Live Stage. UPDATE: Well, actually, the 2012 fest's got a whole bank of phone recharging stations. These people really have their shit on lock.

So, uh, you should probably Don't trust the fate of your Ultra experience to mobile technology. Still ... See the cut for Ultra Music Festival's full three-day schedule.

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S. Pajot