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Prunk TV and Billy Blue Talk Conspiracy Theories, Jay-Z, ESPN, and Weed

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This past weekend, Miami had so much going on. It went by without a minute of sleep. 

On Saturday, I got a ride to my Transit Antenna gig in the backseat of one of Flo Rida's limos. And I was sitting next to Poe Boy recording artist Billy Blue. We talked about his smash hit song "Head to Toe," and his new mixtape Bluminatti before I popped Experience Sobriety into the limo's cd player.

Of course we also talked a little about Jay-Z and the Illuminati, other conspiracy theories, freedom, that awesome new documentary about Ricky Williams that they're showing on ESPN, and other stuff. But that's in the video.

In the vid, you will also see Billy pass me a sweet smelling blunt. But I explain to him that I no longer need to be around that shit. I am now connected to the Most High at all times. It's like a 24-hour energy drink. I am so over smoking weed, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs in general that I have a wonderful new life of pure joy, inner peace, and gratitude.

Poe Boy asked me to be a judge at tonight's Next 2 Blow event going down at B.E.D. I'm not really sure what that's going to entail. But I'm all about it! They even put my picture on the flyer!

Miami has a rock solid foundation of arts and culture right now. The floor is finally done and now its time to start building the walls. There are some amazing Miami bred artists, bands, writers, filmmakers, venues, and a mixture of all of the above working hard to put our city on the map. This time of year, the snowbirds start packing up their shit and preparing for the big migration back to their northern nests. See ya next year, sweethearts!

For us true Miamians, though, summertime builds strength and endurance as we struggle through these nasty mosquito-plagued months and search out comfy air conditioned spots for our weary swampasses. Honestly, many of us enjoy the subtropical heat of Miami's summer. The humidity makes our brains melt. It makes us sweat.

Speaking of hot winds on soft skin, I experienced the soothing grind of Holly Hunt at this past Saturday night's Transit Antenna. The power duo is comprised of two great local artists, Gavin Perry and Beatriz Monteavaro. The couple has been "living in sin" and making great art for the past 17 years!

If you've ever experienced Beatriz's other band, Beings, you already know that she's quite possibly the best female drummer in the universe. She pounds the skins harder than Dale Crover. It's disgusting! And Gavin Perry, (who stands well over seven feet tall) unleashes riffage that feels like the chanting of a thousand Tibetan Buddhist monks soaked in a bulldozer load of hot chocolate sludge. Together as Holly Hunt, Gavin and Beatriz slow the Earth's rotation to a point where your cartilage gets sticky. The President had to follow Holly Hunt, and I felt like Hendrix at Woodstock. Most of the crowd had dispersed, but those few who remained Experienced Sobriety!

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